Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Laptop Lap Desk

Laptop Lap Desk

How many of you use your laptop while sitting in your bed or in a chair? If so, consider using a laptop lap desk. Using a laptop on your lap is convenient and comfortable, however, this may do more harm than good. Let’s go over the benefits of using a lap desk.

When using a laptop for an extended period of time, you need to be in a comfortable position to help reduce strain. While using a lap desk you put the monitor slightly below eye level and at arm’s length, which reduces the strain on the neck and eyes, allowing you to work in a relaxed setup.

A laptop desk also provides protection for your legs. Heat emanates from the laptop and with the fans being blocked, the temperature of the laptop increases. Working long hours on the laptop with such heat has harmful effects. Prolonged use of a laptop on your lap may lead to Toasted Skin Syndrome. This problem can be averted by using a lap desk. The hard surface prevents heat from being penetrated thus, allowing more comfort.

Another added benefit is its portability. Lap desks are convenient and can be carried anywhere you go. They can be used at home, work or at school. Lap desks are built in a way that you can use them for a wider range of use.

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