Sunday, 12 November 2017

It's Christmas time-Snow, Santa and Gifts


  • What comes to your mind on the onset of winter?
  • Do you like the earth covered with flakes of snow?
  • Do you start humming jingle bells?
  • What is the best gift which you received on last Christmas?

All these will make anyone think about Christmas and Santa Claus.Christmas is the time when everyone rejoices and shows love and care towards their loved ones by giving them gifts.
A gift makes a positive statement about your love and appreciation.This year make your and your loved ones’ Christmas Special. Gift something that makes the receiver feel really really special. What can be that?
What is the best Gift?

LappyPad- Useful, Designer, Innovative gift. Ideal gift for this Christmas.
It makes working on laptop easier, is portable and prevents from heat rash. What makes it even more special is the Customised Printing that you can get done for your loved ones.
Portable table with cool designs.

Lappypad is an ideal gift for people of all ages, children can also use it as a study table. Present the personalised lappypad. Show them that you care.
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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Customized? Wow! I am loving it.

“Why fit in when you are born to stand out”

  • Don’t want to follow the mass trends?
  • Want to buy something designed entirely for you?
  • The world is going crazy over customization. Are you one of them?
  • What is actually customization?
Its means personalization. You go in the market and look for something that is different, something that your friends or anybody else doesn’t have. Lappypad provides you lapdesk that are user friendly, comfortable, portable, compact and can be CUSTOMISED as per your requirement.
Photo (Lappypad)

Having a similar kind of Lappypad is quite possible as people are loving it but what makes it different from others is the customized product. How about gifting your superhero a lappypad with his superhero on it? Lappypad lapdesk can also be used as a study table,so you can  attract your little one to study using his chota bheem study table. Even you can have your logo imprinted on it for gifting purpose. Your wish is our command and we try to fulfil your demand for customised printing.
Photo (Lappypad)
You get your clothes, shoes, accessories designed for yourself to get that taste of luxury….if everything should be customized then why not your Lappypad?

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Lapdesk-Lappypad

The Lapdesk-Lappypad

Convenient and Comfortable define Lappypad. Lappypad enables you to do your office work even when you are on the move. You can use your laptop conveniently with a lappypad while sitting in the comfort of your car.
Each Lappy PadDesk surface comes with grips or smooth flat designs. This ensures that your laptop stays on top of your lap allowing you to work smoothly.There is a wide range to choose from our surface designs of classic wood-grain or smooth durable plastic. Each of the surfaces has an embedded handle or strap attached to it for convenience.

The point of  concern is the circulation of heat from the laptop and sitting for long hours working on the laptop may cause cramps in the legs.Taking note of these problems, all of our Lappy PadDesk are crafted with cushioning underneath the surfaces for comfort.The base of the lappypad is made with flat cushions and thick plush pillows giving a soft comfy feeling. The pillow is positioned underneath the surface of a slant to promote good posture, eliminate leg cramps and decrease glare related issues while working on the laptop.

The Laptop Desk-Lappypad

Lappypad is a unique product in India.
Lappypad manufactures lappypad laptop desk which is portable, lightweight, comfortable and has unique innovative design for customers.
College students and IT professional are taking more advantage of it.

Lappypad Portable Lap desk

The Lappypad Lapdesk is designed with durability, comfort and style in mind.
Companies are coming up with innovative ideas to please their customers.
The designs look very appealing but some are not portable or comfortable.

Sitting and using the laptop in your comfort zone is the purpose of lappypad.You don’t need to worry even while travelling as it’s lightweight and portable feature makes it your travel companion too. Lappypad is manufactured with an idea which is usable to our customers.It can be used anywhere as per the customer’s convenience.It is a unique product in India and other countries as well.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Doctor says:Laptop causes Skin Rash

All IT Professionals, students & entrepreneurs
  • Do you work from Home?
  • Do you spend long hours with your laptop?
  • Are you using your laptop while keeping it on your lap?
  • Is your skin itchy?

Heat generated by underside of a laptop is enough to cause a nasty rash.

If yes,then you are at a risk of Toasted Skin Syndrome.

Checkout what experts have to say:   "Ryan R. Riahi, MD and Philip R. Cohen, MD. Laptop-induced erythema ab igne: Report and review of literature". Dermatology Online Journal. June 2012. Retrieved 21 January 2013.
What is it and what can cause it?
Toasted Skin Syndrome refers to heat damage leading to a rash.A rash is a noticeable change in texture or colour of skin. The skin becomes itchy or scaly. There may be many reasons for it. One of the reasons is heat from the laptop which causes heat rash on the lap or thigh region.

Toasted skin syndrome is a netlike rash.

Laptop is the most commonly used medium for official communications which means usage for long hours.Many a times laptop is used while keeping on lap to be easy or comfortable. The heat generated by the underside of the laptop is enough to cause a rash if used for long duration.

Is there any way to avoid this rash?
Definitely. To prevent the laptop heat from reaching the skin, there must be something in between the laptop and your skin. Something that doesn't let the heat come in contact with the skin.

Lappypad prevents heat from your laptop to reach your skin.

LAPPYPAD is a cool,lightweight,adjustable and comfortable product which doesn't let heat from the laptop reach your skin. Its most important feature is that the heat  gets dissipated into the atmospheric air.A lappypad helps you to work on your laptop without any fear of getting Toasted Skin Syndrome.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Lappypad Portable Stand

Lappypad Portable Stand

LappyPad Portable Stand
User-friendly product-Lappypad
Lappypad gives unique products to customers  Lappypad Portable Desk is one of them.
The best part about this product is the stability of the slope, it can be used anywhere and everywhere. This device actually saves the user from futuristic ergonomic problems.
Unique Design

Lappypad Portable stand is an advanced, designed useful product which focuses on providing great value to the users. It has been designed with sturdy material, which gives multiple benefits to the user.Firstly, being made from high-quality material, it enhances the life of the product. Secondly.the slanting design makes it easy to hold the laptop comfortably in the lap.The most important feature is that the heat gets dissipated into the atmospheric air.It does not let the heat come in contact with the skin.
The product is designed keeping in mind all aspects of your health. The measurement of the stand is taken such that it smartly works on your posture. This Laptop Portable Stand design lifts the laptop around 10 cm, making the view clear without disturbing the posture. Furthermore, you can easily maintain the optical range of 25 cm, which is necessary for a healthy eyesight.

It is a multipurpose product.. The base is used for keeping Laptops, Tablets, Smartphone, and
books too. The smooth curve on the end of the slide stops the e-gadgets from slipping down. Whether it is watching movies on the tablet or reading an e-book on Kindle, all is much easier. The regular impel to change posture is easily tackled by this slope. It effectively knocks out the ergonomic problems arising due to improper posture.

Make In India Product

Make In India Product

What connects you to the people across the globe, brings the entire world at your doorstep or is the new age postman? Is that a Laptop we are referring to?
Well I don’t mind calling it an online teacher or a companion for coffee catch ups with friends in the evening.
Woman laptop | Tina Franklin | Flickr
Technology has changed the way we live our lives.Laptop is still the most used medium for official communications across the globe.User-friendly, Portable, Convenient, Compact, Lightweight.Everyone from a student to an entrepreneur uses a laptop.
It has been observed that harmful radiation emitted from using laptop for long hours can have detrimental health hazards.But we find different ways to make ourselves comfortable.The most common way is keeping a laptop on the lap and using it, maybe while sitting on a chair or sitting in the comfort of the bed.But do you know the harmful effects it has on human body?

Young Woman Using Mobile Phone · Free Stock Photo
The harmful radiation emitted by using a laptop for long hours may cause rashes, skin diseases or lead to Infertility in men.
So what is the solution?
Lappypad is the remedy for all the maladies.

Lappypad is robust and lightweight made with high-quality memory foam cushion underneath it to give your lap a cushy feel.The surface comes in cool designs with customised printing specific to one’s taste, hard and sturdy enough to hold the laptop well in place.The heat emitted by the laptop gets absorbed by the foam cushion.
It has been specially designed keeping your comfort in mind.It can be used while sitting on a chair or lying on your bed or used by students as a study table.Just like a laptop, it   
can be your travel companion.
Lappypad has brought a revolution by carving a niche for itself in a short span of time in the Indian market.Started as a product in year  2016, Lappypad has become a brand in itself.In addition to the products sold earlier, it has come up with student backpacks, t-shirts, water bottles and pendrives.In short, it provides a complete students kit.

Lappypad is all ears for your feedback.It helps us serve you better.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Best Laptop Lap Desk

Over the years we have seen drastic change in the technology. Along with several other changes one major change is that, Laptops have replaced the Desktops. There are millions of people varying from the school going children, college students, to the technocrats who highly use Laptops. Now that there is a major use of laptops, using them with ease is also of utmost importance. Lappypad, provides you with range of different types of laptop-pads,desks,table and portable laptop stand that can ease out your task whether it may be doing your routine work, surfing the internet, watching videos or playing games. Laptop users are often looking for ways on how they can make their laptop using experience a pleasuring one. A coin has two sides similarly advances in technology also has some side effects. There are many such health issues that can occur with the improper use of Laptops. Due to this, manufacturers created the laptop lap desk.
Use this laptop desk for work or breakfast in bed. The height of this desk is adjustable and it has special holes to prevent laptops from overheating. It comes along with a small drawer attached that can be used for storing small items.

Laptop desks are not a new invention. It was already present in the market and used ever since, in a form that enables the user to carry around different things for writing purposes. The older version was a bit heavy, yet it is portable and can be used as a desk. This is where the design of the laptop desks came from. Lappypad provides Laptop Desks that are small, lightweight, portable and can be used in bed, sofa, or anywhere you prefer to work, and due to the collapsible leg, typing becomes easier. These are available in both  oval as well as rectangular shape.

As mentioned earlier there are many health issues associated with the usage of Laptops. Using a good laptop table, your neck doesn’t gets strained,  nor do you suffer from any shoulder or spinal disorders and work can be done in the right posture. Those who use laptop extensively should use Portable Lap Desk. It will keep the health of the laptop and user intact. This amazing product is going to make working an easy and comfortable affair.

This one is the brilliantly designed light weight laptop lap pad pillow that comes in a cushioned design. This design makes the use of laptop even more comfortable and relaxing. When you want something to use on your bed or couch this is the best option. You can use this Lappypad with any iPad, laptop or tablet.