Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Doctor says:Laptop causes Skin Rash

All IT Professionals, students & entrepreneurs
  • Do you work from Home?
  • Do you spend long hours with your laptop?
  • Are you using your laptop while keeping it on your lap?
  • Is your skin itchy?

Heat generated by underside of a laptop is enough to cause a nasty rash.

If yes,then you are at a risk of Toasted Skin Syndrome.

Checkout what experts have to say:   "Ryan R. Riahi, MD and Philip R. Cohen, MD. Laptop-induced erythema ab igne: Report and review of literature". Dermatology Online Journal. June 2012. Retrieved 21 January 2013.
What is it and what can cause it?
Toasted Skin Syndrome refers to heat damage leading to a rash.A rash is a noticeable change in texture or colour of skin. The skin becomes itchy or scaly. There may be many reasons for it. One of the reasons is heat from the laptop which causes heat rash on the lap or thigh region.

Toasted skin syndrome is a netlike rash.

Laptop is the most commonly used medium for official communications which means usage for long hours.Many a times laptop is used while keeping on lap to be easy or comfortable. The heat generated by the underside of the laptop is enough to cause a rash if used for long duration.

Is there any way to avoid this rash?
Definitely. To prevent the laptop heat from reaching the skin, there must be something in between the laptop and your skin. Something that doesn't let the heat come in contact with the skin.

Lappypad prevents heat from your laptop to reach your skin.

LAPPYPAD is a cool,lightweight,adjustable and comfortable product which doesn't let heat from the laptop reach your skin. Its most important feature is that the heat  gets dissipated into the atmospheric air.A lappypad helps you to work on your laptop without any fear of getting Toasted Skin Syndrome.

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