Monday, 19 June 2017

Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stand ? Laptop heat can cause skin cancer ?

                 In this world full of technology, (Live product: people use laptop and various electronic gadgets on daily basis. They put them in their lap and use it.

1. Laptops are increasing:

2. Toasted Skin Syndrome:

People are suffering from these kind of problems all over the world. It is called Toasted Skin Syndrome.

3. Laptop heat cause health issues:

But, How many of you know that laptop heat produced from these kinds of devices lead to skin cancer? Scientific studies have shown that regular usage of laptops and tablets cause heat rashes. It may also cause infertility for men. 

4. Did You Know?

5. Heat rashes on thighs from laptop heat:

Gradually, heat rashes increase on user thighs due to laptop usage & leads towards skin cancer.

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