Monday, 27 February 2017

LappyPad - Portable Desk.

LappyPad - Portable Desk. Marketplace for product based branding solutions.

We  live in era of gadgets and technology. Everything is getting replaced by a better version of that.

Laptop & gadgets can cause heat rashes to human skin. People keep  laptops in their laps to work on it. But it is not advisable to do so as laptops emit heat rays that lead to many diseases and health problems. Problems like heat rashes, infertility and skin cancer can occur due to the harmful heat rays.

LappyPad is innovative solution for all problems in similar aspect. Healthy, elegant & comfortable solution. In order to remove all this inconvenience for your life and keeping your health in mind we have introduced a revolutionary product named LappyPad. LappyPad is a portable table or a portable desk which adjusts itself according to your lap position and you can place your laptop over it and work. This will prevents your lap from the dangerous heat rays and make you work more comfortably than ever.

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